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Artist's Statement and Resume

When I look at a person, I see beyond the persona and the temporary attributes of age, beauty and style. It is there that I find the circles and roundish forms that create the essence of the human figure and define my preferred artistic style—Bolismo.

My subjects are purposely devoid of recognizable facial features.  If I provide the viewer with identifiable characteristics, then I play a part in accentuating the differences between people.  Instead, I prefer to underscore the similarities common to all humanity.

Typically, my paintings and sculptures depict two or more people.   This is simply meant to express my understanding of humans as social beings.  Like living people, my characters are most happy when they are among family, friends and others with common interests.

I believe art to be one of the universal languages and I have always sought to create beauty that speaks to people from all corners of the earth.   From all walks of life.  From all political spectra.  From all age groups.

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