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James Rozek

James Rozek


Artist JAMES ROZEK travels and paints from his residence in the North Texas area. Many times a year and in all seasons, Mr. Rozek can be found painting on location (plein aire) in his favorite haunts, from the oceans to the mountains.

The majestic Southwest which includes Santa Fe, Taos, Jackson Hole, Mesilla, Tucumcari, with the Rocky Mountains in the distance offering unlimited vistas; plus the weathered, charming, ageless adobe has appealed to Mr. Rozek's artistic senses.

The famed Texas coastline has lighthouses, vintage shrimp and oyster boats, docks, sand dunes, and unbelievably dramatic sunsets to capture on canvas.

"When I am painting, onlookers often ask me why I choose this particular place to set up my easel. The color of the subject is primary ... I am drawn to color and then contrast to create drama. There must be a connective feeling to what I am painting at that moment. Without emotion, the painting becomes a rote copy. Spreading juicy paints from an ever evolving colorful palette gives me verve and joy."

Collectors have eagerly purchased and displayed his art internationally.