Henington Fine Art Gallery

Ryan Cunningham

Ryan Cunningham

Artist's Statement

Although I sometimes paint other things, I consider myself a figurative painter first. Lately, I have been pursuing a series of subject matter that can fit into two major themes. I call these themes, Modern West and Modern Life.

I have lived my entire life in the Southwest where the myth of the American West is alive, well and nearly inescapable. Thus, it has been an important influence in shaping who I am and it is natural that it expresses itself in my work. Paintings in my Modern West series can depict cowboys, native americans, rodeo, horses and other animals. Rather than approach this Western work in a traditional way, I attempt to present my work with innovative choices of color and composition. By presenting my vision in this way, I am commenting on how the myth of the American West continues to be relevant, vigorous and evolutionary.



Ryan Cunningham was born, raised and educated through high school in Oklahoma. While in high school, Ryan realized that his love for creating art was transforming into a serious passion. During his school years he achieved numerous award for his work, was published and was chosen for the prestigious Young Talent in Oklahoma award. After taking a number of years off, Ryan Cunningham revived his art career with a stunningly successful debut one man show that left almost no piece unsold. Since that time, Ryan has followed up that success with representation with esteemed galleries in both Oklahoma, Arizona and New Mexico. He continually participates in both group and solo exhibitions.