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Peter Robbins

Peter Robbins

The drought in the southwest has had a profound and lasting affect on ranching.  The cattle are disappearing in this part of the country, and with the cattle, cowboys and the cowboy way of life .  My goal over the last 15 years has been to tell their story from the vantage point of a working cowhand. I combine my photographs with oil pastels to embellish color and contrast.  Each print is an original in that I cannot reproduce  the painting exactly the same way. I find it adds an extra dimension to express what I see and experience on these amazing ranches.
My background as a photographer has been varied to say the least.  In 1981 my wife, Kim and I moved to Europe where I pursued a career in photojournalism.  I photographed everything from wars in Central America and the MidEast to fashion in Paris, Milan and New York,  and everything in between.  The 90's brought us two boys and the need to settle a bit so I opened a commercial photo studio in Dallas.  For the last 15 years I have put 100% of my time and effort into this art/journalistic project of cowboys .  Kim and I live in Fort Worth now, the beginning of the West.

This show at Henington Gallery represents the seasonal works that happen on various ranches that I have worked on last Fall and this Spring.  Kim's work is a collage of her travels and experiences during the last year as well.  Though very different our work tells of a journey that we are on as husband and wife and as individual beings  that have a deep desire to express the beauty, wonder, hardships and love that we experience along our way.

Peter Robbins
Tel:   214-616-4635

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